Peace Of Mind During an Outage.

  • Now is the time to trust your Solar + Home Battery technology to combat rising utility bills and power your home on or off the grid.


It’s your solar energy. Keep it and use it whenever you like – night or day. A home battery means no more need to send excess energy back to the utility grid for pennies on the dollar.


Keep your family safe and critical home systems up and running when the power grid goes down. Say good bye to black outs and power outages with home energy storage.


TOU benefits the utility with higher energy rates during peak times of the day. By charging a battery with your solar panels, there’s no need for the utility grid and the price increase – you’re using your own energy instead. That’s control; that’s cost savings.


For some people, energy independence is the right energy solution. Call us to see if today’s home battery technology makes this the right choice for you.
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What is a Home Battery?

A home battery together with your solar system is your ticket to Energy Independence. It will change everything you know about energy management. Although rudimentary forms of both solar power and batteries have been around over 100 years, only recently has technology and cost converged to combine them into a single system. This powerful combination has the capacity to empower homeowners to generate, store, and use their own electricity independent of the utility companies.

Why the best solar systems include a home battery.

Solar power is instantaneous. The very moment solar panels generate it, it’s gone. You have an instant to either put that energy to work or it will find the path of least resistance off your property and back on to the electrical utility grid. This causes two issues for homeowners with solar:
1. They only have access to free, renewable electricity when the sun is shining.

2. They have no control over what time they export their solar energy to the grid.

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