Residential and Commercial Solar PV Systems in Calgary

Solar photovoltaic systems, also known as solar PV systems, convert sunlight directly into electrical energy. This is very different from the solar thermal collectors used for solar water heaters. A solar photovoltaic system helps in reducing carbon emissions and your utility bill by generating sustainable electrical energy from the sun instead of burning fossil fuels. Here at Solar Dev, we specialised in installing solar PV systems in Canada to maximise the power of sun for residential, commercial and industrial electricity applications of all sizes. 

There’re 3 main kinds of solar PV & storage systems: grid-tied, grid/hybrid and off-grid. They all have their pros & cons and it actually comes down to the customer’s present energy supply and what they want to get from their solar PV system in Canada. 

Residential Solar PV System Installation in Canada:

We offer a free assessment to explain how your home can benefit from a solar PV system in Canada After investigating your roof space, electrical distribution and energy needs we will be able to determine what kind of solar PV system would best fit your property! Our team will have your system installed safely & as fast as probable. We set up the system keeping in mind your convenience. Typical residential solar PV systems are finished inside 3 days. 

Commercial Solar PV System Installation in Canada:

Commercial, industrial and non-profit organizations all can accomplish huge savings and control with a solar PV system. From small condos to large scale power plants, Solar Dev offers solutions for all systems sizes. With more than 15 years of experience across different industries, we are capable of answering queries and simplifying the process of going solar for businesses, schools and public organizations alike. 

If needed, we also can work with architects, lead contractors and building consultants. Whether you’re considering a single site installation of significant size or the installation of many smaller systems across multiple sites as part of a rolling project, we’d be happy to discuss your commercial solar project and offer the most affordable solution.


Solar dev Energy Management

With Solar Dev you can get a  full understanding of where your electricity is being used. Using our digital monitoring of your electrical circuits we can provide all the detail to understand what can be improved. This can be with a week long test or for the long run.

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