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Solar Panel Installation

Featured project

The UPTEN Tower in downtown Calgary features a 100 kW  integrated solar array installed by Solar Dev. This very unique project demonstrated that incorporating solar in to a building design can leave the end user with an installation that costs equal the metal paneling that would have been normally been there.

 Creating free energy 400 feet up.

Your complete energy picture

Clean energy production and improved efficiency

Solar Dev brings together innovative  energy solutions for your home or business. This is done with energy monitoring, incorporating our digital monitoring system to your home or business electrical panel giving us the ability to tell you where you spend your energy money as well as identify opportunities for cost savings. A traditional energy assessment of your property is just not that detailed and is based only on what can be seen.

Work Only With the Best Solar Contractor in Calgary

Solar is the most economical form of renewable energy for both businesses and homeowners in Calgary. And since Alberta is the 2nd sunniest state in Canada, you’ve the unique chance to yield your own power in a sustainable and affordable manner. At Solar Dev, we are capable of creating a Calgary solar system installation plan that assures cost savings, sustainability and most importantly contributes to a greener planet.

Solar Dev has been a reliable name in solar energy for over 15 years, offering customers with more than 20 years of renewable energy experience. As one of the best solar contractors in Calgary, you can rely on us to deliver professionally designed & installed solar power systems. We’ll make sure you are totally satisfied with the performance of your solar system & the service you get from us.

Our crew consists of the best project managers & installation professionals in the industry. We take pride in the fact that we’ve successfully finished more than one thousand solar projects across Canada, including Calgary. When you choose to work with us, you can rest assured that the installation date & power production are guaranteed. We’re devoted to manufacturing & installing only the best solar system & nothing else. If you are not happy with our service, we’ll work until you are.

Residential Solar Panel Installation Of The Highest Quality:

Thanks to our flawless solar panel installation process, your energy needs will be covered for the next twenty-five years & beyond. As your one-stop solar contractor in Calgary, we provide end-to-end residential solar panel services, including permits, designs, installation, and system monitoring. With our seamless installation process you can jump to solar and start saving on energy costs within days. Your residential property value will also be increased remarkably.

Highly Trusted Commercial Solar Panel Installation in Calgary:

As a business owner one of the safest long-term investments you can make is investing in solar power. When it comes to commercial solar panels, our crew can custom design, install, and maintain a solar system that suits your business needs in an optimal way. Our commercial solar panel service will decrease cost & the environmental footprint of your company in a remarkable way.

Being a reputable solar contractor in Calgary our goal is to decrease human’s impact on the environment by incorporating sustainable solutions like solar energy into our daily lives. We have installed hundreds of turnkey solar panel systems throughout Calgary, and we would be happy to help if you want to make the switch to solar energy. Call us on (403) 605 1556!

EV Charging

Top Quality EV chargers for your home or business.

Battery Storage

Store and manage your solar power. Suddenly freedom from your utility is a reality.

Energy Management

Providing real time data for your business or home to understand your energy costs.


Top quality panels, inverters and racking that will not only strand the test of time but have the warranty to back it up.

Battery Storage

Adding a Home Battery to your solar system changes everything.

Solar Power Technology

Solar Dev only installs the best tier 1 panels to guarantee strong production and long life. From

 Q cells to Canadian Solar, these panels are engineered for high efficiency and offer the industry’s longest warranties. 

Expect the best.

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