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New York Bight gets green light for massive 480,000 acre offshore wind deal

The New York Bight auction will be the first offshore wind lease sale in over three years. Once built, the project will provide thousands of new jobs and enough clean, renewable energy to power millions of homes for decades. So, … Read More

Understanding Alberta`s Electricity prices and why now is the time to get off a floating rate

We see an increasing amount of concern for electricity prices in Alberta with business and home owners shocked when their bills shoot up to what can be unmanageable levels. There is a real feeling of helplessness for consumers with no … Read More

Solar without investment?

Solar has grown in popularity  and interest across Canada and the world without a doubt, but its greatest challenge in growth is in understanding it. We focus on commercial solar installation because the payback periods offer much better value. But … Read More

Woman paying utility bills

Understanding your electricity bill and what you can do about it

Our energy bills are as certain as death and taxes but do we understand them and can we reduce them? Breaking down our electricity bill, most of the charges no matter where you live and who your retailer is will … Read More

Solar energy panel and light bulb, green energy

LED Lighting, maybe the lowest hanging fruit

When I talk to business owners about saving money on their energy costs they all love the idea. But of course they all have the same concern being cost. Running a business big or small always has the same challenge … Read More

Why do Hotels waste so much energy and what can they do about it?

We have all been at hotels on vacation or business trips and one of the first things people do is set the thermostat to the perfect temperature for us, without considering the energy that we are not paying for. Most … Read More

Why all Solar panels are not the same

Why all Solar panels are not the same? When business and homeowners are pricing a solar installation price will always be the most import factor,Which makes sense. But are there other things to look at to make sure your getting … Read More

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