Why all Solar panels are not the same

Why all Solar panels are not the same?

When business and homeowners are pricing a solar installation price will always be the most import factor,Which makes sense.

But are there other things to look at to make sure your getting what your paying for?

Solar panels are not all created equal and this does not necessarily mean paying more for the top quality panels but just understanding what you are buying.

Why are there tiers to rank solar panels?

Solar panel manufacturers are ranked in to tiers by financial institutions like Bloomberg NEF. This is done to give guidance to banks and investors so that they can be confident in their investments. Now you may think why would this matter to me as a business or homeowner. Well the differences can be crucial to your energy investment, Solar panel producers are popping up all of the time with the recent growth in the industry and the key to your investment lies in it lasting and producing as promised.

When you look at production of your solar array it is not just the wattage of the panel or even the time taken to produce a design layout that will produce the best results. It is important to also look at the linear performance warranty of the panels as all solar panel slowly degrade in production but the speed that happens is crucial to your payback period and peace of mind.

This is where the tier ranking of a panel is so important, we all love to get a warranty with the products we purchase but with a long term warranty it is important that company is in business if you need it. The top tier solar manufacturers not only have been in business for a long time but have very low warranty claims as it is in their interests to not have to replace panels.

Some Solar providers are not providing even the brand name of panel with their quote, would you buy any other product with that level of detail.

Solar Dev only installs only tier 1 panels but some of our favorites due to a strong mix of quality and price are Q cells and Canadian Solar.

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